Merchant Funding

Growing businesses need capital.

Running a business can be challenging, but getting funding doesn't have to be! With Electronic Payments, you'll have access to fast, flexible, and affordable funding solutions that help generate the working capital your business needs to propel your growth, including:

  • icon Small Business Loans 
    Loan approval is based on business performance, not just credit score
  • icon Business Cash Advances 
    Conveniently repaid through a percentage of your future credit card sales
  • icon Lines of Credit 
    Withdraw funds as needed and incur costs only on those withdrawn funds
  • icon Bridge Loans 
    Working capital that rewards you with a discounted fee for early payment

Contact us today at to see how your business can obtain a short-term loan at an affordable cost.

*Final eligibility and loan amount will be based on a review of additional information submitted with the completed application. Additional Terms and Conditions apply.